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For Science & Medical Students

Get Advice & Guidance from Pros: List a Project. Get Help.

Find accomplished science and medical professionals to guide you through the early phases of your education and career.

Post your job, hire with confidence.

All freelancers on the MedSchoolGig platform are vetted against strict eligibility criteria before offering their services to ensure you're receiving help only from professional, qualified medical professionals.

All MedSchoolGig Freelancers must:
  • Be US-based students or professionals in Science or Medicine. This include licensed physician, professional PA and NP, aspiring medical/PA/NP students, or recent graduates with master’s degree or a PhD in Science.
  • Have a valid US driver’s license/State ID
  • Have a valid email ID or phone number
  • Have a copy of their license (or NPI number if applicable) for verification purposes. Students or others can submit their updated resume.

For everything you don’t know how to do or have the time for.
MedSchoolGig freelancers are at your service.