How to post your first side gig in MedSchoolGig?

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March 4, 2021

You all have talent that you can utilize to serve others as well as create an alternate income source. We would like to call it ‘Side Hustle’ in medical world.

Posting your first gig or passion project in MedSchoolGig is pretty straight-forward as discussed below:

Step 1: Register your account as a freelancer.

This is a first step. Register your account as a freelancer. Email is mandatory because you need to verify your email as soon as you create your account. Phone number is optional. Our platform is curated exclusively for US based medical professionals, healthcare students and others in the field of science and allow them to create an alternate income source. Thus, in this step, you need to upload credentials so that we can verify that your are US based freelancer. If you are a healthcare student, graduate students or professional with master’s degree or PhD, upload the photo of the front of your driver’s license and resume (in the lieu of your license). If you are a healthcare professional, upload a photo of your medical license or resume if not applicable. Once you register your account, allow us few hours to approve.


Step 2: Post your Gig (service). 

Once verified (both email and your account), you can now visit your profile and post your gig. It is pretty simple and self-explanatory.

1.  Job title –

Choose it wisely, it is the first piece of information buyers will see.

2.  Job Price –

You can choose your job price either hourly, weekly, or keep it fixed for a specific task. You also have an option to sell your service as a package especially if you have additional service at higher price.

3. Buyer Instruction –

Instructions to buyer is usually what you want buyers to know. In most cases, it is “contact before making a purchase”.

4. FAQ –

Create your own FAQ based on frequently asked questions by your clients.

5. Media –

Sometimes a photo can say more than 1000 words. Please select the best cover image related to your job. Having a face behind the service increases the credibility and thus action. You can add your profile photo in image to be displayed so that buyers will take action and buy your service without hesitation. Here, you can also add video link if you have a YouTube channel or ad video specific to your brand.

6. Extra – If you want to provide extra services such as faster delivery, extra features at an additional price, you can do that here.

Once you have completed above steps, you can publish your gig. Every gig is reviewed by our reviewing committee and approved on first-come, first-serve basis.

Step 3: Interact with your client using real-time messaging feature.

Your client might contact you regarding your service. Make sure to reply them timely and answer their queries. After all, their satisfaction is your first priority.

Step 4: Deliver your service and get paid

Once they make the purchase, your delivery clock begins. You can deliver your project either via messaging system or via video system depending on your service type. There is a real time notification system as well as project status updates throughout the delivery window. Once delivered, your clients can ask for revision or accept their delivery. You can provide revision free of cost or at certain price which you can describe during your job post. If you provide revision for free, you can also write that on your job post.

Step 5: Strive for 5-star reviews and more transaction

MedSchoolGig is the interaction-first platform which works on commission-based model. For every transaction, it charges 10% flat fee if you are level 1 freelancer (new freelancer, minimum transaction). If you secure more transaction (for every 2500-dollar worth of transaction or twenty-five 5-star-reviews, your level goes up by a unit), you can level up and enjoy the perks such as lower commission rate, unlimited job posts, more features to curate your profile or deliver your project.

If you have any question during the process, MedSchoolGig provides 24/7 customer to guide you and help you navigate the issue.

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