Side Gigs for Medical Professional, Healthcare Students or Graduate Students

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March 4, 2021

Whether you are a physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner or a student in healthcare/medicine, it is possible to pursue your passion projects and create an alternate income stream. As medical/healthcare/science professionals, we realize the importance of networking and gaining expertise in the field. So why not use our expertise that we have acquired over the years of school and training to help others? Let’s talk about what we can do beyond patient care.


  • Work as a freelance reviewer

Every year, there are thousands of students in the US applying to professional healthcare and health allied programs such as residency and fellowship programs and medical, pharmacy and nursing schools. These students are actively seeking professional support during their application process whether it is in application review, personal statement proofreading/editing, mock interviews, or career consulting. Instead of committing to programs offered by widely marketed, profit-driven agencies, they seek freelancers like us who are able to offer them with quick and reliable services.

  • Work as a freelance tutor

There are many students seeking tutors for medical board exams such as MCAT, USMLE, COMLEX, NAPLEX, PANCE and so on. Most of the services that are offered as a package from current professional agencies such as MedschoolInsiders, USMLEtrainers, or Medschoolcoach do not meet their requirement and their budget. In such a case, talented students like yourself with a passion for teaching can work as a freelancer and tutor them at your own availability. At the very least, you can even sell your lecture notes and study strategies. The opportunities of what you can sell are endless, all you need to do is be creative!

  • Work as a freelance consultant

Furthermore, there are many recent graduates from PhD/Master programs and post-docs in Science looking to transition from academia to industry. Getting their foot on the door of high paying jobs at pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical devices companies or jobs in quality assurance and regulatory affairs, is extremely difficult, especially with no prior experience in such settings.

They are actively seeking career consulting, networking, and application/resume advice from professionals with prior experience in these fields. Let me give you an example from my personal experience. My wife works as a scientist at Johnson&Johnson and as such, receives multiple emails and messages in LinkedIn and other social media platforms from recent PhD graduates and post-docs who are actively seeking career advice. Similarly, undergraduate/graduate applicants applying for PhD and Master’s programs in STEM regularly seek her out for personal statement and application help. An interactive platform exclusively invested in science, medicine, and healthcare would foster seamless interactions while providing monetary incentive to the freelancers and cost-effective solution to the buyers.

  • Work as a freelancer for startups’ projects

In addition, there are hundreds of startups going live every month in the US market. These startups that are particularly serving the medical field need talented freelancers like our physicians, pharmacists, and scientists for services such as product ingredient reviews, medical content writing, and product promotions. A freelancing platform that particularly caters to the US market by hand-selecting US based freelancers in healthcare provides a win-win situation for both parties where the buyers can be re-assured of quality that meets the high demands of the US market. Similarly, the freelancers can make alternate income while pursuing their passion projects.

  • Work as a freelancer for pharmaceutical industries’ projects

Last but not the least, there are numerous industries, both within and outside the US, seeking quality freelancing services from US based professionals in healthcare for their short-term projects.


Why we do not hear about these?

Unfortunately, an interactive platform exclusively serving our niche (Science and Medicine) didn’t exist. Thus, if you had to provide these services through an online platform, you would have to start from scratch- whether it is buying a domain to build your website, filing the legal paperwork, and associated marketing campaigns in facebook and google ads. The to-do list of the tasks that need to be accomplished before being able to offer such services online is never ending. This is one of the key reasons why side gigs/side hustle are not talked about or encouraged, specifically in science and medicine.

Why it is easier than ever before to side hustle during your career?

To fill this gap, our team created MedSchoolGig, the interaction-first freelancing platform where talented individuals like you can create your own side gigs (services) and work at your own pace and availability. We have provided you with a robust platform and team so that you can enjoy all the perks without having to go through the hassle. As a first-year medical resident, a former scientist at a pharmaceutical company, and a founder of MedSchoolGig, my goal is to create an enriching and self-sufficient freelancing community of talented professionals in Science and Medicine. As a firm believer of a platform business model, I believe that users should have the option to browse for and select their own freelancer without being obligated or having to go through extensive sales pitch from various agencies. To achieve this, the interaction between buyers and freelancers and a platform that displays transparent public reviews are the core functionalities needed. MedSchoolGig aims to continuously improve these core features for our users.


So, please come and support MedSchoolGig and be a part of something great in Science and Medicine!