How to become a freelancer in Science and Medicine?

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August 15, 2021

The world is changing. From a catastrophic global pandemic to severe climate change, digitized ‘Zoom’ relationships to a renewed push for social justice, every day we’re being forced to adapt quicker than ever before.

As frontline healthcare workers continue the fight to keep COVID-19 at bay, a new generation of healthcare students and graduates are entering an industry that is changing – and fast.

In these uncertain times, many professionals are looking for ways to supplement their income, without having to wait to be fully qualified or to land a top job at a hospital or clinic.

With MedSchoolGig, you won’t have to interview, compete against dozens of more experienced professionals, or work multiple double shifts just to keep up. With MedSchoolGig, you choose your hours, your specialty, and your clients.

In this blog, I’m going to give you a quick overview on registering as a freelancer with MedSchoolGig, showing you just how easy it is to start showcasing your freelancing talent to the world!

Getting started on MedSchoolGig is a simple process. In a few short steps, you can register, post your gigs and start earning in no time!

Step 1. Getting registered.

Registering is easy. Simply visit, click on “find work”, “become a freelancer” and complete the registration form. Vetting takes 1 hour, and once your account is open, you can start posting gigs immediately.

Step 2. Post your gigs.

Ok, so what is a gig? A gig is a specific service or skill that you offer to a buyer for a fee. At MedSchoolGig, we’re constantly adding to our gig options, expanding our services as our freelancer base grows. We currently have three gig categories for our freelancers to choose from:

  • Med school admission gigs
  • Residency service gigs
  • And tutoring gigs

Whether you’re an admissions guru, know exactly what to include in residency applications, or you are passionate about helping people out with their board exams, you get to choose exactly which gigs you want to post.

Step 3. Set your rates.

With MedSchoolGig, you have the freedom to choose between charging per hour, or per project. Our flexible service options means that you are in control of what people will pay for your services. From affordable, quick-fire jobs, to longer collaborations that require extensive engagements, the best part about this is that you get to pick exactly which categories you are best suited for.

Whether offering advice about medical school applications to fresh applicants, or teaching candidates exactly how to take on those board exams, at MedSchoolGig, we encourage our growing list of freelancers to offer their range of services, priced according to their talent and abilities.

Step 4. Respond to clients.

Once you’ve posted your gigs and set your package rates, it’s time to sit back and watch at your clients come to you. Engage with potential buyers before they place an order, discuss the requirements of the task at hand, or simply exchange ideas before diving into your next project.

Good communication is key to success. Our platform encourages engagement and the sharing of ideas throughout the process.

Once you’ve confirmed the job specs, agreed to the delivery deadline and received all relevant details, your client places the order, and you’re off!

Step 5. Deliver the gig

Once you’ve wrapped up with your work, simply deliver the finished product to your client. Wait for feedback and any revision requests, before finishing up the job. Once the job has been completed, your buyer can review and comment on your excellent work, letting others know just how good you are!

Step 6. Get paid

The best part of MedSchoolGig is the simple compensation model. After placing an order, monies are paid by the client and held by the platform until the job is completed and accepted by the client. As soon as they’re happy with the work, MedSchoolGig releases the funds straight to you. No frills, no fuss. Earning extra cash has never been easier.

So, if you’ve ever considered putting your skills and talent to good use as a medical freelance consultant, but never quite knew how to get started, look no further than MedSchoolGig.

Register for MedSchoolGig today, its quick, it’s easy and it’s the first step to taking control of your career. Hit the link below and get started immediately. Check out the categories and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions – we’d love to hear from you.

Welcome to MedSchoolGig. Transform your knowledge into income – today.

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