How to write Medical School Personal Statement in 2021?

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August 29, 2021

Do you want to make an excellent first impression with your medical school’s admissions committee? If so, you must make sure that your personal statement is of the highest quality. Personal statements can make or break your admissions process, even accounting for possibly 60% of your score. Medical schools will only bring in the best of the best, meaning that you must prove you can be one of the best. Below you can learn about how you can write a killer personal statement for your admissions.


What to Write About

When deciding what to put in your personal statement, you may be at a loss. There are thousands of experiences you could choose to write about, but only a few will be winners. Some ideas for your personal statement include an inspiring experience, personal hardships, why you chose medicine, or about you and your mentor’s relationship. By writing about these topics, you will show a medical school that you are experienced and that you can handle pressure. Medicine can be an extremely stressful career, so you must prove that you will take medicine’s stress on you.


How to Complete Your Personal Statement

Your medical school personal statement is significant to your application. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are following all the correct steps to ensure your medical school application is the best it can be.


Beginning the Process

After you pick your topic, you should begin writing your statement. This process should be done over several months, writing several drafts to compare and rework. Taking several months to write these drafts will allow you to set them down and let them cook in your mind to truly work out what elements you do or don’t like. During this stage, you want to work on the layout of your statement, adding hooks to the beginning and exciting details that will keep the boards’ attention up while reading your information. Using the standard 5 paragraph essay may not work for some application essays but will work wonders here. Using this formatting will allow the grader to have an easy-to-follow design, helping to keep them on track with your thoughts.


Things to Avoid

You should avoid writing about typical cliches. Instead, you should try your hardest to be unique, telling specific personal goals. The more special you can make yourself seem, the more you will stand out. In a sea of thousands of applicants, having a unique application can do wonders. Don’t use too complex of diction. If you start your essay using words that make the reader struggle to understand you, you will win over the application board. As a doctor, you must communicate simplistically so that your patients can understand you, and the application board needs to know you can do this. In addition to this, don’t go over the word count. You will lose points by going over the word limit in your essay.


Imply, Don’t Tell

Instead of simply listing out your qualities at the beginning of your statement, give in-depth personal stories that prove you have those qualities. It sounds elementary to merely state your key attributes. However, proving that you have the exact characteristics without simply saying you have them.


Finally, Consult Experts

If you want to make sure your essay stands out, you should consult an expert. An expert will have in-depth knowledge about the strategies you need to complete your winning essay.


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